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WordPress Training Tampa Syllabus

WordPress Training Course Syllabus

Module 1: Setting Up Self-Hosted WordPress.org

• Buy a Domain Name
• Choose a Host for Your Website
• Install WordPress Via Your Host’s Automatic Installation

Module 2: Choose Your Self-Hosted Website Settings

• Log On to the WordPress Dashboard
• Review the Dashboard and General Settings
• Install your New Theme

Module 3: Know Your Blog’s Dashboard in Detail

• Customize and Navigate the Dashboard
• Review the Writing Settings
• Introducing the WYSIWYG Editor and Tool Bar
• Introducing the HTML Editor and Tool Bar
• Add Formatting to Your Text
• Write and Publish a Page
• Edit or Delete a Page
• Add Text Hyperlinks to Your Page

Module 4: Create Visual and Audio Content

• Prepared Images for Uploading
• Upload and Insert an Image While Posting
• Insert Images from Web Sources
• Insert Images into Media Library
• Insert an Image Gallery
• Link to YouTube Videos


WordPress Training Course Syllabus (Continued)

Module 5: Extend Your Options with Widgets and Plugins

• Introducing Widgets and Plugins
• Choose and Insert a Widget
• Add Sidebar Items Using HTML in a Text Widget
• Find Plugins
• Install and Activate a Plugin

Module 6: Make Your Web Page Content Appealing

• Edit What You Write
• Use Typography to Enhance Posts
• Use Images to Enhance Posts
• Customizing Heater Art with a Built-in-Tool

Module 7: Use WordPress for Content Management

• Use a Static Page as Your Home Page
• Add Google Ads to Your Site
• Add Amazon Affiliate Ads to Your Site

Module 8: Maintain Your WordPress Website

• Update WordPress Automatically
• Update WordPress Manually
• Install Plugin Upgrades


Prerequisites for this WordPress Training Course

1. Know how to use a computer and are a fast learner.
2. Have good experience managing Microsoft Office Tools like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
3. Have your business ready, a clear idea of why you will like to have a website and what for.
4. You have your business logo and/or a clear idea of your business image. You will use our hosting & domain in class but we can assist you with your website.

**NOTE: Prior to Arriving at the Course (Pre-requisites):
1. Have a laptop able to connect to a Wi-Fi connection
2. Pen and paper (tons)
3. Be ready to acquire a Hosting Account and domain name. We recommend you to acquire a 1&1 Unlimited or Business Account) but wait until you attend the course.

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